Enabling mobile operators to embrace the Telco-OTT opportunity

Kineto strives to assist mobile operators in the transition to IP-based services. Our solutions help operators respond to the growing threat from over-the-top (OTT) service providers and remain competitive as communications service providers.

To accomplish this goal, we offer a portfolio of Telco-OTT applications that help operators address specific communications challenges and opportunities. Kineto solutions include:


Smart Comms

An application that helps mobile operators brand, evolve and further monetize current voice and messaging services. Using standard Rich Communications Suite (RCS) technology, Smart Comms enables operators to present existing services within a brandable, powerful, user-friendly interface, reach higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty with a suite of enhanced services, and improve their ability to attract new users with value-added services that completely refresh the entire communications experience.

Smart Wi-Fi

An application that turns every Wi-Fi access point deployed today into a virtual femtocell on the mobile operator’s network. As a result, operators can significantly improve overall network capacity, as well as indoor coverage. With the Smart Wi-Fi app, mobile operators can effectively turn the 100s of millions of Wi-Fi access points deployed in homes, offices and hotspots around the world into extensions of their mobile network.