T-Mobile US Wi-Fi Calling

With 60-70 percent of mobile usage occuring indoors, indoor performance and coverage is key to any mobile operator’s strategy. Subscribers’ concerns are simple – a strong mobile signal and an enriched user experience at an affordable price. These elements of mobile service draw in new customers and can help operators avoid excess churn.

T-Mobile US wanted to provide a solution that would enable its subscribers to connect in more ways and to have improved coverage in areas where mobile coverage is often lacking – in homes and offices.

T-Mobile was looking for an approach that would utilize Wi-Fi, with which the company had success in the past and that wouldn’t cost them, or their customers, excessively.  With more than 200 million Wi-Fi access points existing around the world, T-Mobile wanted to leverage a pervasive technology that subscribers had already embraced.

T-Mobile US launched Wi-Fi Calling that enables subscribers to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network – something no other national carrier offers. The technology uses ordinary Wi-Fi to boost cell phone reception in areas with little or no coverage. Simply by connecting to an available Wi-Fi network, users can experience better call quality, access the web, email, and even send and receive text messages at no additional cost.
All subscribers need is a Wi-Fi-compatible phone to talk or surf from home, work or anywhere Wi-Fi is accessible.

The service is based on Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi technology that seamlessly integrates with existing user interfaces (same dialer, contacts, etc.) to allow for voice calls over Wi-Fi, and hibernates the cellular network while Wi-Fi is in use in order to prolong battery life.

Wi-Fi Calling is an excellent solution for coverage issues in and around the home, office or wherever cellular coverage is limited. It simultaneously offloads the macro network, relieving network congestion, making it beneficial to the subscribers and operator.

T-Mobile noted a material decrease in churn within just a few months of launching the service, and customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Wi-Fi Calling lets users take control of their coverage in key locations where and when they need it, providing a better overall mobile experience.

Because Wi-Fi Calling works anywhere there is an open Wi-Fi signal available, it provides a valuable coverage option. T-Mobile’s primary focus is making sure there is “coverage in the corner of the darkest basements. As long as there’s Wi-Fi access, customers have coverage.”

T-Mobile has structured a service plan for subscribers and even added an emergency response program based on Wi-Fi Calling. It has become a strong differentiator for the company – “a solution that is effortlessly simple to use.”

Subscribers using Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi Application churn up to 50 percent less than average and consume 25 percent less macro network data than subscribers with the same smartphone.

View a video interview with T-Mobile’s Director of In-building Solutions Josh Lonn

Orange UK Signal Boost

Everyone knows someone with a mobile coverage issue. It’s something no operator can deny and must address on a local level. Orange UK realized this and wanted to get ahead of the coverage problem by offering a robust and simple solution.

Orange UK’s goal was to increase the quality of the users’ mobile experience without additional network infrastructure that might complicate the process and add unnecessary costs.

Wi-Fi is the dominant indoor wireless technology available today and only continues to grow.  To capitalise on this infrastructure, Orange began offering devices with Smart Wi-Fiwhich turns ordinary Wi-Fi access points into mini cell towers – giving Wi-Fi the capability to improve indoor coverage and provide macro network offload.

Orange UK decided to implement Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi technology that enables the company to use Wi-Fi to “boost the mobile signal” when people are attached to Wi-Fi access points.  By leveraging any of the more than 200 million Wi-Fi access points that exist worldwide, Orange is able to use the Signal Boost service from home and work-based Wi-Fi access points.

Its Signal Boost service is “brilliantly simply – the customer simply needs to turn on the app and everything else works.”  There is no need for extra equipment, no change of phone numbers and no extra activity for the customer to take in order to adopt the service.

In fact, half of Orange’s Signal Boost customers say the service influences their choice of handsets.

Globally, subscribers using Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi Application churn up to 50 percent less than average and consume 25 percent less macro network data than subscribers with the same smartphone.

Orange UK reported seeing “genuine and material improvements in customer satisfaction and retention.”  Eighty percent of customers say Signal Boost “is easy to set up and easy to use” and cite “improvements in call quality” when they use the service.

It is a “very simple and very effective local solution.”

Watch a video presentation by Paul Jevons, director of product marketing Everything Everywhere.