White-Paper-Thumb-1Wi-Fi Calling (and Texting) For Mobile Operators
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By embracing new technology to improve indoor coverage, mobile operators have tacitly admitted that not all households and businesses are well served by the outdoor cellular network alone.

White-Paper-Thumb-1The Telco-OTT Opportunity
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The evolution of mobile telephony and messaging from legacy, circuit-switched systems to a newer, wider range of all IP-based communications services is happening right now.

White-Paper-Thumb-1Turning Wi-Fi Access Points into the Perfect Femtocell
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There has been a lot of excitement about femtocells in the mobile industry. The concept of a small, low-cost, customer-deployable home base station that leverages a subscriber’s existing broadband connection for backhaul is an incredibly compelling proposition for mobile operators.

White-Paper-Thumb-1Enterprise Benefits of Wi-Fi Calling: A Case Study
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When the economy went south in 2009, one of the world’s largest entertainment companies knew it needed to make major changes to stay competitive and profitable. It made the switch to Wi-Fi Calling.