Wi-Fi Calling for iPhone, finally!

June 4th, 2014

With their iOS 8 announcement this week, Apple has just helped the mobile industry clear a major hurdle towards the broad adoption of Wi-Fi Calling (a.k.a. Voice over Wi-Fi, or VoWiFi). As many of you know, Kineto is a huge supporter of Wi-Fi Calling for mobile operators.  For over a decade we’ve been encouraging the mobile industry to embrace Wi-Fi Calling as a means to address several key industry challenges including in-building coverage, especially within the home. With between 10% and 20% of mobile users in mature markets still experiencing either poor or no cellular coverage at home (while using their Wi-Fi equipped smartphones) and with Wi-Fi now generally available in those same locations, Wi-Fi Calling just makes sense.  You can check here and here for several recent blog posts on this topic. Several operators have led the charge towards Wi-Fi Calling, notably T-Mobile USA and Sprint.  Writing in a…

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