An app for mobile operators to evolve the conversation.

Introducing an application that enables mobile operators to brand, enhance and further monetize current voice and messaging services. Designed to help operators compete against new over-the-top (OTT) service providers, Smart Comms enhances current telephony and SMS services while introducing new IP-based communications capabilities including chat, VoIP and video.


Smart Comms enables operators to present existing services within a brandable, powerful, user-friendly interface, reach higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty with a suite of enhanced services, and improve their ability to attract new users with value-added services that completely refresh the entire communications experience.


Creates a new look for telephony and SMS/MMS

Smart Comms provides an operator brand-able user interface with a fresh look for telephony and SMS/MMS alongside new IP-based services. Putting people before services, Smart Comms enables users to view all their interactions with friends and colleagues in smart, conversational timelines.

Enables enhanced calling services

Smart Comms supports a number of enhanced calling services that enable operators to address challenges such as in-building coverage as well as provide new sources of service differentiation and revenue. Enhanced calling services include Wi-Fi Calling, Low Cost International Calling, 2nd Line Service, Home Line Calling, Call Recording and more.



Adds rich communications services

For operators deploying Rich Communications Services (RCS), Smart Comms supports one-to-one and group chat, IP voice and video calling, image sharing and more to turn casual conversations into extraordinary exchanges, all based on the industry standard RCS specifications. These capabilities enable operators to close the feature gap between their existing services and those provided by third party OTT services providers.

Integrates with social networks

Smart Comms brings a key value of social networks into the communications experience. By tapping on a single icon, users can now view recent Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter activity for any of their contacts. This feature provides a simple way to get updated with what’s going on prior to sending a message or calling.



Enables new business models

The Smart Comms app enables operators to embrace new ways to monetize their services. As more operators move to flat rate and all-inclusive pricing bundles, it is imperative they seek new ways to monetize those services. By supporting in app purchasing, advertisement insertion, and true OTT operation, Smart Comms enables operators to pursue new approaches to grow the value of their communications services.

Extends services beyond smartphones

Smart Comms takes services beyond just smartphones by enabling users to join the conversation through tablets and PCs.