An App that Turns Wi-Fi Networks into Femtocells

Smart Wi-Fi is the ideal solution for mobile operators attracted to the coverage and capacity benefits of femtocells, but concerned about the technical, economic and operational challenges of their deployment.


The Smart Wi-Fi app turns existing Wi-Fi networks into seamless extensions of your mobile network. Your subscribers receive all your services (telephony, SMS/MMS, RCS,…) whenever their smartphone is connected to an existing Wi-Fi network, whether at home, office or a hotspot – anywhere in the world.

Discover the advantages of using readily available Wi-Fi as an alternative to femtocells, today.


Wi-Fi. It’s already there.

It’s likely more than half the households and businesses in your country already have Wi-Fi. When you think about it, your subscribers have built a high performance in-building wireless network that already covers the precise locations your network has the hardest time reaching. Why not leverage it.

Same number. Same services. Same UI.

This clever application operates behind the scenes to automatically place and receive telephone calls, texts and picture messages over the Wi-Fi connection in the smartphone. There are no changes to the way your subscribers use their phone or your services – in fact, except for a tell-tale icon they would never know they were talking or messaging over Wi-Fi!



Offload data. Completely.

Unlike with femtocells, with Smart Wi-Fi you can choose to offload all Internet-based services (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, etc.) directly at the access point rather than backhauling and routing that traffic through your core network. If it’s not your service, why incur the cost?

Avoid upgrades!

With Smart Wi-Fi there’s no need to plan for swapping or upgrading hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of femtocells every time you evolve your network. As you add HSPA+, LTE, LTE-A or beyond to your macro radio network, there’s no need to touch in the in-building network, as your subscribers take care of it for you!



Give travellers a break.

Wi-Fi is readily available around the world and the same advantages and benefits of Smart Wi-Fi in the home country can be made available to subscribers traveling abroad. With the option to bypass expensive roaming costs when connected to Wi-Fi, business travellers and tourists alike will appreciate the added value that the service brings, resulting in increased customer loyalty, satisfaction and usage.